Location and Architecture

Villa Príncipe is a recently completed vacation house, designed in a contemporary style, built with local materials and surrounded by a luscious tropical garden.

The dark colored facade and the black volcanic stone causes the building to blend into its natural environment. The local hardwood, the most important building material, is used for the construction of the decks, the parquet, the stairs, the doors and all the windows. Portuguese cement tiles (Azuleijos ) cover the floors of the ground floor.

villa Overview

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Arch maquette


Sustainability was an important focus in the construction of this luxurious villa in Príncipe. The materials, like the wood and the natural stones were all locally sourced, but most importantly, the entire construction team consisted of local artisans who applied their incredible craftsmanship to the construction of the Villa Príncipe.

Sustainable maintenance and cleaning products, reduced plastic use and the prudent use of local resources such as water and electricity are applied to the maintenance of the grounds and the whole rental house.

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